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Eligibility Requirements:

  • Music Community Member Organizations (MCMO) approved by .MUSIC registry.

  • MCMO must have a minimum of 10 artists or members with a financial relationship directly with the MCMO.

  • Smaller MCMO with less than 10 artists or members are eligible through a larger Sponsoring MCMO in which they have a business relationship

    • Submissions and transactions must flow through their Sponsoring MCMO.

  • Must be willing to legally attest

    • MCMO has an active contractual relationship with the artist or member;

    • MCMO also has an active financial relationship with the artist or member (invoices, on-file credit cards, and/or other financial connections); and

    • MCMO confirms the artist or member is an active person, group, or entity in the music community.

Name Submission Requirements:

  • Domain Name requested must match artist name or profile name (used across DSPs) or business/organization name (or website name), or industry professional name;

  • Domain name registration based on first come, first serve;

  • Famous names will be given to the famous artists, regardless of when their names were submitted (note: famous names will not be held past Community Phase and should a non-famous artist have a valid submission for the same name, they will get it);

  • List provided by each music organizations to be vetted for any contentions;

  • Domains in contention will be based on date of receipt of list by and all non-winners will be appended with a numeric digit (e.g. winner:, others:,, etc.); and

  • A provided domain name that has not paid their identity verification fee will not be registered, unless their identity verification fee has been paid. Should someone else submit the same domain name (afterwards) but has paid the verification fee, that user will get the domain name.

Music Community Promotional Offer

.MUSIC is giving away 1 Million domain names to support the global MUSIC Community

Promotional Details

  • FREE .MUSIC domain name registration for one year!

  • Exclusively through registered Music Community Member Organizations (MCMO) who agree to distribute promotional .MUSIC domain names to their members and clients for FREE;

  • One-time identity verification fee of $1.99 USD per domain name;

  • Watch video about .MUSIC​, HERE;

  • Promotion is open now and ends when allocation of promotional domain names total 1 Million or when Community Phase ends (Sep 10, 2024 @16:00 UTC), whichever comes first.

To participate, please review all promotional collateral and submit the MCMO Promotional Agreement


​This MCMO Promotional Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into as of the submission date of this Agreement (the "Effective Date") by and between Ltd. (the "Company") and participating organization (the "MCMO") as provided, and required, for valid submission of this Agreement, and shall remain in effect till (a) the end of the Community Phase (community phase ends September 10, 2024 @08:00 UTC) or (b) when the total promotional domain names reserved reaches 1 Million (the "Promotional Period"), whichever comes first. This Agreement may be extended at the discretion of Ltd.

WHEREAS, Ltd. will be the company responsible for the launch of the MCMO promotion, registration of domain names, and support during the Promotional Period;

WHEREAS, the MCMO represents the artists and/or members that will be participating in the request for their promotional .MUSIC domain name; and

WHEREAS, the parties agree to promote the registrations of .MUSIC domain names for the purposes of creating value to the music community.

NOW, THEREFORE, in exchange for the consideration set forth herein, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the Parties hereto agree as follows:


1.1. "MCMO" shall mean Music Community Member Organization, its members whose primary business or service is to promote the music community and industry.

1.2. "DOMAIN NAME" shall mean the name with a .MUSIC extension (e.g., you.MUSIC).

1.3. "REGISTRANT" shall mean the holder of the DOMAIN  NAME.

1.4. "RESERVED" shall mean the allocation of the requested DOMAIN  NAME and corresponding paid VERIFICATION FEE.

1.5. "REGISTERED" shall mean the processing of the DOMAIN  NAME.

1.6. "ACTIVATED" shall mean the successful completion of identity verification (completed at id.MUSIC) and DOMAIN NAME resolving.

1.7. "VERIFICATION FEE" shall mean the fee that is required for a DOMAIN  NAME to be REGISTERED and ACTIVATED.


2.1. MCMO shall comply with the Eligibility Requirements set forth in section 3.0 herein; and

2.2. MCMO providing Company with list(s) of requested domain names shall comply with the Name Submission Requirements set forth in section 4.0 herein.


3.1. MCMO must have a minimum of 10 artists, members, creators, or industry professionals (the "Member(s)") with a financial relationship directly with the MCMO;

3.1.1. Smaller MCMO with less than 10 Members are eligible through a larger Sponsoring MCMO in which they have a business relationship; and

3.1.2. Submissions and transactions must flow through their Sponsoring MCMO.

3.2. MCMO shall attest to the following:

3.2.1. MCMO has an active contractual relationship with Member; or

3.2.2. MCMO has an active financial relationship with Member (invoices, on-file credit cards, and/or other financial connections);

3.2.3. MCMO confirms Member is an active person, group, or entity in the global music community with a provable music history (nexus);

3.3. MCMO shall agree to distribute promotional domain names for FREE to Members other than to recoup verification costs and private registration fees (if applicable) as part of the program.


4.1. MCMO shall submit domain name requests that must match either:

4.1.1. Member’s legal name, alias, stage name, or brand name matching MCMO’s active contract with the Member; or

4.1.2. Legal business/organization name (or website name); and

4.1.3. Shall not be genre, geography, instrument, or well-known generic names.

4.2. MCMO shall submit standard required registrant information

4.2.1. Full legal name of Member or business/organization name;

4.2.2. Current legal address;

4.2.3. Current telephone number; and

4.2.4. Email Address (needs to be unique to Member since it is used for identity verification).

4.3. MCMO shall acknowledge famous names and Registry Reserved names are excluded;

4.4. MCMO shall provide a vetted list free of any contentions;

4.5. MCMO shall acknowledge that domains in contention will be based on receipt date of submitted list and MCMO with later date submission may only request a change of the domain name or cancel (refund of verification fee); and

4.6. MCMO shall acknowledge a submitted domain name that has not paid their identity verification fee will not be deemed get registered and should another MCMO submit the same domain name (afterwards) but has paid the verification fee, the later MCMO's domain name will be considered registered.

5. TERMINATION. Either party may terminate this Agreement.

5.1. Immediately upon written notice if the other ceases to do business, or otherwise terminates its business operations, except as a result of a permitted assignment; or

5.2. Immediately and without notice if the other becomes insolvent or seeks protection under any bankruptcy, receivership, trust deed, creditors arrangement, composition or comparable proceeding, or if any such proceeding is instituted against the other.




6.1.  Company shall not be liable for any breaches of its obligations under this Agreement resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control, that could not have been avoided or corrected through the exercise of reasonable diligence, including but not limited to natural catastrophe, terrorist actions, state-sponsored malware or state-sponsored cyber-attacks, fire, flood, explosion, national emergency, insurrection, riot, war, epidemic, pandemic, or other catastrophe (“Force Majeure”).


7.1.This Agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties hereto, relating to the subject matter hereof, between the parties to this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date.


Electronic Signature Acknowledgement: By clicking the [SIGN] button, you have read and agree to the promotional agreement. You are signing the document electronically. You agree that your name that has been entered into the electronic signature field has the same legal validity and effect as your handwritten signature on the document, and that it has the same meaning as your handwritten signature.

Click to view agreement details

Please feel free to use the below promotional graphics in your newsletters, website, or emails you send to your members. Place cursor on over the image and right mouse click on the image and select 'save image as..' to your computer. Don't forget to add a hyperlink to your promotional self-registration link.


.MUSIC is the trusted, safe and secure top-level domain name and verified MusicID for the global music community and industry. The .MUSIC initiative is a global music community-based and industry-led effort to create .MUSIC top-level domain with music-tailored policies and enhanced safeguards to protect intellectual property and the rights of creators globally, giving them full control of their brand identity and their music assets, including directly owning their relationships with fans and customers. The .MUSIC top-level domain provides a music-centric Internet, a thriving, vibrant, and innovative ecosystem that promotes legitimate music creation, access, and distribution, where the global music community securely connects, interacts and transacts.

  • Please check your email inbox for confirmation of your Promotional Agreement. This email will contain your special Promo Link that you can use to self-register your organization AND for your members.

    In addition, the email will also include a link to an email template that you can use to send to your members.

    Our recommendation is to have your members Self-Register their domain name(s). This process is simple and easy for both you and your members. The Promo Link will take you and your members to our Self-Registration page where you will be asked to enter in your email and requested domain names(s). After submitting the requested domain name(s), you will be directed to our verification payment page.

    A follow-up email will be sent out after the verification payment has been made to verify nexus and get contact detail information that is required for registration after the Community Phase period ends.

    • MCMOs emails their special promo link to their Members to use to self-register;

    • Members will be asked for email address (do not change on verification payment page) and requested domain names(s).

    • Members will then be directed to pay for their verification fee;  and

    • If a Member is required to verify nexus, the requested domain name MUST have a strong connection or the nexus verification will fail and the Member will NOT be able to get their domain name registered.

  • There are four payment options that MCMOs can choose from. These are:

    1. Prepaid (Reserved block)

      • Pay the verification fees for a reserved allotment of promotional domain names upfront;

      • First come, first served assignment is set for submitted promotional domains; and

      • Unused allotment (credit) will be applied to future paid registrations.

    2. Payment Platform

      • ​​Verification fee paid through MCMO's internal checkout process for promotional domain names;

      • Verification fee refundable, if user cannot get the domain they requested and they do not want an alternative domain name; and

      • Invoice paid to my.MUSIC prior to registration for processed promotional domain names.

    3. Invoiced

      • MCMO (or their member organizations)​​ to pay the verification fee for their submitted domain names (list);

      • MCMO to receive secure payment link to pay invoice (credit card) or wire transfer payment to my.MUSIC;

      • Upon payment of the invoice, submitted domains get first come, first served assignment.

    4. Member Paid​​​

      • Member pays verification fee themselves;​​ and

      • Unpaid verification fee will not result in a registration and Member could lose out on their submitted domain name.

    • Must be an approved MCMO by the .MUSIC Registry;

    • If the MCMO has 10 or more Members and meet the MCMO Member qualifications, they can work directly with my.MUSIC by signing the agreement; or

    • If the MCMO has less than 10 Members, they must work through the Sponsoring MCMO.

    • Verification fee must be paid;

    • Your requested domain name must have a strong connection (nexus) to your identity as an artist, creator, industry professional, member, or as an organization/company;

      • It should not be a genre, geography,  instrument,  language, or a generic name;​

      • It should not be first name or last name;

      • It should not be a two-letter or three-letter name;

      • It should be easily verifiable by public data; and

      • It should not be another Member's name.

    • Please note that some domain names protected by intellectual property rights cannot be allocated.

    • Your domain name should be submitted as early as possible to minimize any possible contention as the promotion is first come, first served.

    • Example for Mary Smith domain request names:

      • You cannot get:,,,,,, etc.

      • You can get:,,,, etc.

    • You get a lot of great value with your .MUSIC domain name. These values include:

      • Your branded domain name with a domain extension that highlights your profession;

      • Verified ID, called MusicID, A one-time payment ($1.99) versus many verified id services that charge you on a monthly basis (e.g. $8/mo on X, $11.99/mo or $ on Instagram or FB);

      • SmartBadge, a digital verified ID that you can use across all your platforms and that links users to your SmartPage. A transferrable "blue check mark" you can take with you wherever you want;

      • SmartPage is your verified content page that you control.

        • Create backlinks to your official website;

        • Will improve your SEO;​

        • A templated, linked, interactive webpage based on your profession (e.g. musician, business/organization, industry professional, songwriter, labels, etc.)​​​ hosted for Free.​​​​​​

      • A control panel, called MusicHUB​, where you can get access to your registered fans, manage your content, access to marketplace services (to be developed) and more.

      • .MUSIC Channels: Genres (, locations (, instruments (, languages (, and other channels all coming in the future to benefit the music community.

    • Your ​MusicID gives you access to services that will be offered across other .MUSIC domains. One MusicID to access many services.​

    • You will be notified by email if there is a contention with and of your domain names that have been submitted; and

    • You will be able to resubmit the domain name(s) in contention with an alternative domain name that still meets the guidelines of having a valid nexus to the domain name.

    • See example:

      • is in contention; therefore

      • alternative name could be

    • The price (the "Renewal" price) is set by you, the MCMO.

    • To set your Renewal price, you will need to complete the Master Service Agreement with the price you wish to have your Members pay at renewal.

    • See below to download the MSA - GA.

    • Yes. You can continue to offer your Members .MUSIC domain names after the promotion period ends and when General Availability (GA) starts. To do this, you will need to sign a Master Service Agreement (MSA) where you will set the Retail price you want to offer your members who register with you;

    • You do not need the MSA signed to offer the MCMO Promotion, signing the MCMO Promotional Agreement is all that is needed to get going; BUT

    • You will need the MSA signed before GA in order to offer your Members .MUSIC domain names during GA.

    • See below to download the MSA - GA.

    • Shall be an active member, artist, creator or industry professional ("Member") of:

      • the MCMO itself; 

      • an associated company/organization in which the MCMO is a sponsor; or

      • has an active financial relationship with the MCMO (invoices, on-file credit cards, and/or other financial connections).

  • For any questions related to the MCMO Promotion, please feel free to reach out to


Program Collateral

File Name



MUSIC Splash Marketing

What is .MUSIC and Why get a .MUSIC Domain Name?

.MUSIC Logo - Black

Official .MUSIC Logo (black) for organizations to use for marketing purposes of the Music Organization Community Promotion.

.MUSIC Logo - White

Official .MUSIC Logo (white) for organizations to use for marketing purposes of the Music Organization Community Promotion.


File Name



Video: MusicID for the Global Music Community

MusicID is for the Global Music Community. Whether you are a musician, songwriter, organization, or business your MusicID represents your brand, your identity, and your works.

Video: MusicID by .MUSIC - MusicID explained

Your .MUSIC domain represents you, your brand. Verified-ID from .MUSIC — MusicID — brings you a secure and interoperable ID that you own. Get your you.MUSIC.

Video: MusicID + Your Credentials

MusicID. The first open, universal, verified ID for music. Your MusicID credentials include your SmartBadge, a digital business card, and your SmartPage, a branded, verified content site that your SmartBadge links to.

Member Self-Registration

If MCMO is requesting Members to self-register, MCMO must provide a special promotional link to their Members. This link enables tracking of registrations for MCMOs.

To generate the Member Promotional Link, please provide your organization name in the required field. Please copy the link into the email you send out to your Members.


Promo Link

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